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Set your language code in _config.yml:

lang: en

Theme strings can be translated in _data/translation.yml, copy the current English translation and paste it bellow the Eglish translation, then replace en with you language code that you set in _config.yml and translate the strings.

  previous:                   "Previous"
  next:                       "Next"
  related_docs:               "Related Docs"
  related_posts:              "Related Posts"
  read_more:                  "Read more"
  written_by:                 "Written by"
  share_twitter:              "Share on Twitter"
  share_facebook:             "Share on Facebook"
  search_placeholder:         "Search for answers"
  search_no_results:          "No results found"
  mobile_nav_docs:            "Docs"
  mobile_nav_site:            "Menu"
  contact_name:               "Name"
  contact_email:              "Email"
  contact_subject:            "Subject"
  contact_message:            "Message"
  contact_send:               "Send"

Adding alerts to content